Saturday, July 5, 2008

No, I'm not perfect...

To say I'm disorganized is an understatement, my desk at work is a disaster, really. I will never understand why people still put things on my desk because it will get lost, if you want me to see something put it on my chair or right in front of the computer, otherwise it's going to get lost in the pile of crap on my desk. Before I took the weekend off for P's graduation and the last day of school I paid all the bills, tossed all memo's that were over 2 weeks old and straightened up.. by the time I got back the following Wednesday there was a pile of crap again.. mail, more bills, transcripts, random post it's and stuff like that.

my desk at home is just as bad... the monitor (flat as it may be) takes up a big chunk and my printer, the gargantuan thing that it is takes up another big chunk along with the phone, random candles and random junk.

For Christmas I got myself a mug, not just any mug, but the one that I caught my eye that fits me to a T...

This mug is HUGE, it's a good 16 ounces, and I fill that thing up to the very brim every morning with my coffee (it just fits under the Senseo, which, by the way in my honest opinion is the best dang single serving coffee machine out there, the cappuccino is what I drink and it's So freaking good!) Now I wasn't just going to get one of these for myself because my best friend Patty, she's a teacher and her desk looks a lot like mine, so I got one for her too.. her students think it's hilarious.

The mug is made by a company called Our Name is Mud They make great mugs that are heavy and durable not to mention witty. I got this one for a friend during a secret swap and she loved it.

They have all kinds of little odds and ends at that store most of it under $20, all of it great :)


Lorrie Veasey said...

Hi! I am the designer for OUR NAME IS MUD, and there is no greater pleasure than to know that you like what I made, and that you use it on a daily basis. It's what I love about my job. Thanks so much for the shout out.

All the Best
Lorrie Veasey

Unknown said...

Hi mighty Ashbabe! I love my mug and this blog is great!