Thursday, July 3, 2008

This is so cool!

I have a Praying mantis baby living in my rosemary plant! This morning I was watering my little 'garden' on my porch and I saw it, a little green baby praying mantis and I was so happy, lol.. I haven't seen a praying mantis literally in years and when I told P. after he got up he was so upset that he missed it.. but guess what? He's still there! I showed P. When I got home and watered again (I have a lot of sun on that side of the porch for the whole morning and a good part of the afternoon and by the time I get home everything is dried up), but as I was gently watering my thirsty rosemary plant there he was hanging onto the branch You might ask me why this makes me so happy.. well, I hate bugs of any kind and outside my house there are ants, and not your everyday run of the mill ants, but these tiny little buggers that like to come into the house, and spiders.. the little jumping ones and these freaky little hairy suckers and these other weird spiders.. and I HATE spiders. So now I have my own little exterminator living on my porch to rid my garden of bugs and prevent them from coming into the house (yippee!) I will take a picture of him as soon as I can.. he's so cute and little, lol...


Lisa said...

I linked to your blog from the Daring Bakers... and had to smile at this post. I also love praying mantises... in fact in my old flat in South Africa, I once came out onto the garden and saw a cocoon of them hatching - watched for about an hour as dozens and dozens of tiny baby ones squeezed their way out into the world. I will try find the video I took of it and upload it to youtube!