Monday, July 21, 2008

Strawberry Basil sorbet.. no ice cream maker necessary...

It's another hot one here in NY.. but not only is it hot, it's sticky and humid and just all around Gross.. and it's not any better in my non air conditioned apartment.. so after dinner I whipped up some Strawberry basil sorbet.. In my Cuisinart mini prep! I love that thing, I've had it for about 4 years and it's the best little gadget!

So here's what I did, in a nutshell because I didn't use a recipe here and you can use just about any fruit and adjust the amount of sugar to however sweet you want it.. but here's what I did to get this sweet strawberry goodness tonight..

I took 2 cups frozen strawberries and dumped it into the mini prep, closed it up and pressed grind, alternating between chop and grind until it was almost like the consistency of snow cone ice.. then I added about 2 Tbs of heavy cream and again, alternated between chop and grind (the only 2 buttons on the thing, lol) until the cream was incorporated (and it went from red to a bright watermelon-y pink color) tossed in just one basil leaf and 1 Tbs vanilla mint sugar (Oh yeah!) and alternated between chop/grind for another minute or so until it was smooth..

Seriously, who needs a pint of Edy's sorbet at $3 a pop when you can get This

for like $1 for a pint, home made, no funky stuff and no worrying about melting on the way home.. it doesn't get any better than this! Tomorrow I think I'm going to make Mango Lime.. or Peach raspberry... Hmm.. decisions, decisions...