Friday, July 11, 2008

Today's lunch, care of Kiss the Chef, Mineola, NY

I wasn't really planning on ordering lunch today, I had my Lean Cuisine panini (because they're really pretty darn good Plus they were on sale the other day so I stocked up, lol) in the freezer at home, but being in the frazzled tizzy I was in this morning, I left it at home.. along with my cup of coffee that is still sitting on the stairs in my travel mug, It was an afterthought after (I ran a whole block with P. to catch the damn bus) I was on the bus with P. on our way to camp and work. It's been a Murphy's law kind of day for me and (God Please) I hope it gets better.. I got the kid to camp on time, caught my bus to the terminal to consequently wait 40 minutes for my connecting bus because (curse the MTA) not only did the 9:07 bus break down but the bus after it (that is supposed to arrive around 9:15) also broke down, Oh happy day! Thank God for my friend at work whom I kept posted by text as to my status who texted me with the lovely phrase 'Dunkin'?' as in Do you want me to get you coffee or anything? Yes, please get me a medium caramel latte before I dissolve, lol.. Luckily I caught her as she was leaving DD so we walked in together as to avoid the wrath of the beast woman in my office and any errant attorneys that may have been looking for me.

But I digress.. this post is about my (pretty darn good) lunch after all isn't it?
Half a BBQ roasted chicken, salad and rice. $6.95

The chicken was really good, moist and full of flavor. The rice, it was alright, a little too buttery and no seasoning and the salad was without dressing.. but I have to say that being the chicken was the main part of the meal it was really really good. Kiss the chef is a tiny little restaurant situated in a restored railroad car diner. You can get some more info here They deliver fast and your food never arrives cold ($10 minimum as with most places) I could eat from here every day, and for such a tiny place their menu is quite impressive (and they serve breakfast all day long!) their salads are good and they have new specials every day and have no problem with custom orders (my buddy at work fell in love with their western grilled chicken sandwich which is a grilled chicken breast with bbq sauce, shredded cheddar cheese and coleslaw on a bun, it was a special one day and now she orders it 2-3 times a week *Remember, the girl only eats chicken*) All in all, their food is good, really good in fact, they deliver fast and everything in the menu is under $15.

Okay, this is my first restaurant review, so if it seems amateur, it is, lol..