Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Chocolate Mint

I know what you're probably thinking but no, not the flavor, the Herb. Every tuesday there is a little farmers market in, of all places, the back parking lot at the courthouse over by where I work and I ran over there with P. yesterday and they had some halfway decent stuff (most of it overwhelmingly overpriced though, like $5 for a pound of strawberries) There was a guy selling various plants and herbs so as I was browsing I saw down at the bottom a tray of Chocolate mint.. I have never seen or heard of this herb before, my grandma always grew mint in her yard, one little plant spread the entire perimeter of her yard and it was always so fun to go and pick the mint when we made sun tea.
I made mint chocolate chip ice cream once when I had an ice cream maker (before it got lost in the move) and I will forever remember my friend's face when he took one taste of it and said to me in the most gentle way "um, it tastes like chewing gum, I just can't eat this" I wanted to disappear.. I felt like such a dummy. .. but to me it didn't taste like gum.. it freaking tasted like toothpaste.. eww, well, you live and learn right?
Well, yesterday I bought myself one little Chocolate mint plant and I have a lot of ideas of what to do with it, I've read that you can flavor sugar with it by putting it in a tightly covered container and shake once a day for a few days, but I'm contemplating what it would be like to process the sugar with the mint leaves in the food processor, hmm... If any of you wonderful readers of mine (!) have any recipes that I can try with Chocolate Mint I would greatly appreciate it. I think I might try a mousse with it for Friday.. time will tell though.. I will let you all know if I do try it.