Thursday, July 24, 2008

These are some Serious Italian Pastries!

Okay, so here's the deal.. this weekend is the big Italian feast over where my best friend lives, I've been going since I was a kid and over anything else, I go for the Zeppole's, Cannoli and OMG my absolute favorite the Sfogliatelle (A delicate flaky clam shell shaped pastry filled with sweet Ricotta)! Now, I've never actually had the guts to try and make Sfogliatelle at home.. plus there's a good chance if I did, I would keep them all to myself, and as good as that may sound, I wouldn't need a car to get around, you could just roll me around like Violet Beauregarde when she chewed that gum in Willie Wonka. So in appreciation of the Pastries that I love I'm posting some recipes that I love that we all can try :) I've made Zeppole before and Cannoli.. the Sfogliatelle , well.. maybe we can all do that one together.

So.. Here we go.. and since the only camera I will have with me this weekend will be of the Cell phone variety.. I will take some pics (but please don't expect them to be that good, lol)

Zeppole is essentially fried pizza dough that is tossed in powdered sugar.. they're insanely good and really bad for you (but honestly, who cares because they taste good!)

Sfogliatelle, well, they are my favorite ever! Here is a recipe from RecipeZaar.
Neapolitan SfogliatelleSeriously, I want to just grab that from the screen right now!!

Now, Please don't tell me you've never had a
Cannoli (unless you've got some kind of allergy, there really is no excuse) Cannoli is the ultimate Italian treat (I mean, Come on, my best friend's wedding cake had Cannoli filling, so did her son's Christening cake!) P. asks me to make him cannoli filling every now and then and it's easy enough to whip up so he usually gets it when he asks.. but this weekend, well.. he's gonna get his yearly taste of Italy (which is always ALL good!)

Holy Cannoli

This recipe is courtesy of Epicurious


Anonymous said...

I always love a challenge... these Sfogliatelle look challenging (based on the photo?) I'm going to head over to recipe zaar and check it out. Perhaps I'll be inspired this weekend and try to make them?! I'll let you know! Thanks for the idea. My Italian husband will thank you (if they're any good and not a complete disaster!)

Unknown said...

I read the title of this too fast and thought it said Italian pasties.. i was like hmmmm :)