100 random facts about me

  1. I've been cooking since I was 10 when I deemed my mom's cooking mediocre.
  2. I can't stand the color pink
  3. My cousin, who I love like a sister had all the girls in her wedding wear pink. I was maid of honor, the dress was Bazooka bubblegum pink.
  4. My kid is taller than me by nearly a foot (and No, i'm not tiny, I'm 5'4")
  5. I am fiercely loyal to my friends but stab me in the back once and it's over.
  6. I'm not big on talking on the phone.. I do it all day at work, afterwards I really have no desire.
  7. I am not a single parent, I am my kid's ONLY parent
  8. I have little patience for stupid people
  9. If I could live right off the beach with my best friend next door, my life would be perfect.
  10. I love my job but hate the shit pay,  I'm still there because I like the people I work for (most of the time)
  11. I am not a girly girl
  12. I've always lived in NY
  13. I love to take pictures
  14. If it breaks, there's a 90% chance I can fix it
  15. I'm allergic to shellfish.. but wasn't before the kid came along
  16. I sing when I drive, when I cook, when I shower.. but I will never sing in public...My kid does not appreciate my singing while I drive... but that's too bad =p
  17. I swear, cuss.. whatever you call it... I tell it like it is
  18. I like to kid around... it sometimes gets me in trouble
  19. You can easily ruin a dish by adding Dill.
  20. If I don't like you, you know it. I don't play the fake game.
  21. I am absolutely terrified of spiders and snakes 
  22. I don't smoke.. never have, never will.  It's just plain nasty
  23. I hate doing dishes
  24. I have a very old fashioned set of values
  25. I hate going to the mall
  26. I am the voice mail in my office.  I got a new job in 2016, we have real voicemail now
  27. I will not eat anything with cilantro in it
  28. My favorite color is blue
  29. I have a phobia about having my hair cut (lets thank my sister for that one)
  30. I am an excellent speller
  31. my kid has never been a picky eater
  32. I am very affectionate.
  33. I'm not a big fan of raw tomatoes.
  34. I Love dogs, the bigger the better
  35. I .ℒℴѵℯ getting flowers but don't ever give me yellow ones, I hate yellow. (Daffodils are the only exception to this rule)
  36. I've been to Florida, that's it
  37. I love to learn new things
  38. I do not like potato salad
  39. I am terrible at math
  40. Deep down, I'm a country girl
  41. I love the smell of rain on a hot summer day
  42. If there's something I want to buy I search for the best bargain before I buy it.
  43. My family is full of blondes... I don't do blonde
  44. I would love to have a rose garden one day
  45. I refuse to read instruction manuals
  46. I don't like change, but I adapt well
  47. I will not write in black pen, unless absolutely necessary.. Purple is my pen color of choice.
  48. I have 2 turtles, one of which I believe may have a mental problem O_o no more turtles :(
  49. I love the smell of laundry that's been hanging outside
  50. I'm right handed.. but I write with the slant of a lefty
  51. I like to wear heels, but I can't drive in them
  52. I listen to heavy metal, rock and country... often in the same ride.
  53. I really would like to visit Italy someday
  54. I used to bite my nails, obsessively.. then one day I just stopped
  55. I don't drink alcohol, not for religious reasons.. I just never had the desire to.
  56. Between my kid and myself we can go through 2-3 gallons of milk a week
  57. I Love the smell of Basil, it reminds me of Summers at my Grandma's house
  58. When I'm overtired I get silly, then, very, very cranky.
  59. I once ruined a perfectly perfect batch of Baklava with the addition of rosewater
  60. I enjoy making marshmallows, I don't eat them though.
  61. I read, a lot.
  62. I tell my family & friends I love them every chance I get.
  63. I dyed my hair black when I was 15
  64. I never wear lipstick
  65. I will go fishing, but I won't eat what I caught
  66. I have a dragon collection
  67. I like peanut butter and raspberry jam on my pancakes with syrup (of course)
  68. I could eat roasted potatoes every single day
  69. I can be incredibly stubborn (ok, I am.. whatever)
  70. I love the movie Stand by me, it was one of my dad's favorites
  71. when I'm in a bad mood you don't want to know me
  72. I am really good at wrapping gifts
  73. I can make anything as long as I have a recipe
  74. I don't like tap water.. I drink flavored sparkling water
  75. I am my parents only child.. but I have siblings
  76. I can whistle like a bird
  77. I had my own show on college radio when I was in high school
  78. I miss my parents like crazy
  79. I don't like strawberry flavored milk
  80. I once had a pet lamb named Buster
  81. After one bad experience with Guacamole when I was 11, I never ate it again
  82. ...I will although, eat avocados
  83. My desk at work is absolute chaos, but I know where everything is
  84. I have way too much crap on my keychain
  85. I will not even try sushi but my kid loves it
  86. I don't wear a lot of makeup, but I won't leave the house without at least eyeliner and blush
  87. I'm not a perfectionist, I just like things to be done right
  88. I wear jeans & sneakers almost every day
  89. I'm a lover, not a fighter.  I will sooner walk away than stand and argue with someone
  90. When I write, my paper/pad/notebook is turned to a 45 degree angle 
  91. I think Nutella is Disgusting
  92. My spice cabinet needs help
  93. I am a New York Yankees fan
  94. I am terribly disorganized, but I do try.
  95. I am a coffee snob
  96. I am nothing like you'd expect
  97. I can be painfully shy
  98. I blush very easily
  99. I wish I was more creative
  100. I am... a work in progress.