Thursday, July 31, 2008

My July DB Challenge, Part2

Okay, I feel it's not really fair to just post that I made it and froze it, because even without pictures, I did make the cake, lol.. it's not decorated since it's all sitting in the freezer in hopes to be put together no later than next week.. here's what I made.

Since I have a very strong Dislike for hazelnuts I made my Genoise with almonds, raspberry glaze and made a white chocolate cream cheese almond buttercream (Oh, yea, I did go there, lol) I have a large cake in the freezer that most likely be cut into smaller mini cakes since I don't really want to bring it to work and I'm not planning any visiting until the end of the month.. and it's just safer that way, lol... Pictures will be posted as soon as I get a camera, then I'll glaze them with the ganache and decorate with the buttercream (which is hidden way way back in the fridge where P. will not find it, lol) I have the design on paper.. I can't wait to go and act on it