Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Boy, have times changed...

When I was a kid there was the ice cream man, he came around mostly on the weekend as soon as the weather warmed up and every nice day during the summer and then he disappeared until school was over once again. Italian ices came in a little paper cup and you ate it with a small wooden 'spoon' (more like a very small paddle, lol) They were pretty much only available in the warmer months though, and came in limited flavors like cherry, lemon, watermelon and rainbow.. and then things changed.. I'm not really sure when they changed.. but I guess somewhere in the last 10 years, more "blue" flavors popped up, the Ice cream man pops up as soon as the weather is above freezing, rain or shine, Every day of the week, Chocolate Italian ice is among my absolute favorites and there are so many new kinds of "ices" out there. When I moved here I noticed on my way to work a place called Rita's. Water Ices was their business, I saw them on the food Network and I was intrigued so I had to take P. and see what it was all about. They had a menu a mile long, water ices, cream ices, frozen custard along with shakes and various different drinks. Well, since the Rita's here closed last year I was feeling a little defeated.. until a new place opened up where Rita's used to be.. called Flavors. Now, I wasn't really taken by the name, but since I'm always up to try a new food (and if it's dessert, even better) I stopped on the way home with P. the other night.. and BOY was I glad I did!
I have 2 words for you, 2 words that made my son so incredibly happy that it was sheer foodie bliss. these 2 words are Cannoli Gelato. He took one bite and was in heaven.. and he even shared it with me (okay 2 bites, but still, the boy shared, lol) WOW! smooth, creamy tasted just like a cannoli even with little pieces of candied fruit! It even came with a little tower shaped wafer cookie.. it was so good.. I, on the other hand, was in the mood for something a little more chocolatey, so i went with the chocolate peanut butter cream ice.. and it was really good, nice smooth creamy ice with peanut butter chips. They have like, 4 menu's. Water ice, cream ice, gelato and a drinks menu ( I think they might even have regular soft serve too, I can't remember, lol) I will stop there again (and again) through the summer because it's such a treat and it's so dang good!

Who would have thought ices could come so far?