Saturday, July 19, 2008

Frosty*s Ice Cream Club and Coffee Bar

It was Insanely hot here today.. Ahh, just gotta love the Mid-July heatwave here in NY.. so this afternoon I decided to take P. to Frosty*s Ice Cream Club and Coffee Bar, a place that I pass everyday on my way to work and just never had the chance to go to until today. The place is so cool! they have plasma screen menu's up on the wall that scroll the entire list of ice creams they have on hand (the ice cream freezer runs almost the entire length of the store!) another that flips through the different drinks they offer and the last one is the beverage menu. P. decided on the birthday cake avalanche sundae

They use Edy's ice cream, but in my opinion it was much too sweet. It was layers of birthday cake ice cream, pound cake chunks, whipped cream, sprinkles and a blue cherry on top. P. liked it, he let me have the first taste, but I didn't like it.

I had a frozen hot chocolate

That was Intensely chocolate and the straw was huge! it was really really good and really refreshing.

at a total of $10.25 for the two of us it wasn't too bad, considering they were both pretty decent sized and satisfied each of us (Unlike our last trip to cold stone for shakes that was a miserable disappointment) They even sell cakes, cupcakes and other frozen novelties as well as cups, mugs, ice cream dishes and the like. The atmosphere was very Tiki, very welcoming and clean. They even offer Free Wi-fi (which reminded P. that next time to bring his DS with him) It was early afternoon when we got there, but I suspect that in the evening it's a pretty busy place, nice for a quiet date and it's right in the center of town. Too bad the movie theater over there is so crappy or it could make a total date night.. but in my case it's on the way home from the best movie theater around, so it works out :)

Here's their Menu (bummer that they don't list the prices, but I guess with the way dairy prices have been fluctuating they can't write anything in stone)

You have to click on the images and it'll show you the whole thing, it's a little cut off here. I was really happy with the experience we had here today and I see us going back again throughout the year.