Thursday, October 20, 2011

Well, it's been an interesting week...

I am So glad it's Friday.. I have a few flips.. ok.. I have ONE flip and one happy announcement.

Good news First:
 Monday night I got a text from my sister "Hi, I'm going to the hospital"  no, really this is good news.

My sister, pregnant with baby #5 who was 14 days past his due date (as all her babies have been more or less) was finally ready.  I got a text at 5:20am Tuesday with the news he was here. My nephew Ellias, my very first Godson was born on Tuesday morning at 4:30am at a whopping 7 lb 15 oz.  :)  I haven't met him yet.. but I will as soon as I can :)

Now, onto the rest:

Last Saturday I had my muffler replaced after a um, fallout. Tuesday I get to work and there was white smoke coming out of the hood of my truck.  I had a slight panic attack, popped the hood and realized there was coolant leaking from somewhere.  I originally thought it was coming from the lower radiator hose which meant I couldn't drive all the way to my uncle who lives about 15 miles away.  My uncle told me to find someone local to do it for me.  This was NOT what I needed the week I was totally broke, so my poor truck sat in the street for 2 days while I took the train to work (which really wasn't too bad considering the train ride from here is only 2 stops.  I just had to hop on the bus since it's about 30 blocks away, but even that wasn't too bad considering what I used to deal with).

Yesterday while I was walking home I stopped at a little repair shop and spoke with the owner, I told him my situation and asked roughly how much it would cost, of course he couldn't tell me an exact price until I brought the truck in for him to take a look.  I walked home and got my truck and then drove over there and it turns out it was the heater hose.  Ok, so what's the damage?  about $50 Ok, fine I can handle that.  I'm due for an oil change so ya might as well go on and take care of that too since the truck is there.

Finally went and picked my truck up.. .$120 later and yea, my truck is all fixed, but it was WAY more than I had planned for. *sigh*  Not happy about this.. considering I didn't think it was going to be more than $100 tops with the oil change. Apparently they needed a special hose because there's a tight bend where it goes. OK, so fine.  I'm just glad I had the money to fix it.. it's just gonna be another fiercely frugal week around here.  Just happy the truck is running fine and no more smoke.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cooking on a budget

I quickly realized yesterday after paying my rent and getting my muffler and tailpipe replaced that this was going to be budget cooking week.

Fortunately I have enough in my pantry and fridge to get us through the next few days without having to run to the grocery store for anything except milk.. and I hopefully I can make that last until payday too... but the chances of that are slim.

On the upside my truck is no longer growling or even roaring.. which I had grown accustomed to over the last few years that I've had her... I just thought it was attributed to the V8 engine.  Little did I know that the muffler  was slowly rotting until my muffler just went and dropped out on me last Saturday, leaving me with the loudest car in the neighborhood... much to the dismay of my neighbors, I'm sure.  Now after having the parts replaced it's like I'm driving another truck altogether.. as now, she purrs.. no noise at.all.  It's lovely.  Now maybe The Kid won't tell me I listen to music too loud (he really does)... but probably not.

Anyway... I managed to score a family pack of chicken leg quarters at the grocery store yesterday for $3.25 and I used one to make Chicken soup last night.

Today I'll be making a pot of tomato sauce with some of the sausage that I bought on Friday (mix of hot & sweet @1.99/lb) pasta was on sale for 5/$5 and I've got rice and lentils and more tomatoes in the pantry and veggies in the fridge.

Good thing I'm only cooking for 2.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Just a note before the weekend

I may or not be around this weekend.. After a fallout (literally) with my muffler the other day I have to go tomorrow to get it replaced, then laundry and usual weekend errands.  Nothing exciting except finishing the scarf that I’ve been knitting for days.  Yeah, I started knitting, something to keep me busy and take my mind off stuff.

But.. I wanted to leave y’all with this...:
If I cook anything blog worthy I will let y'all know.. as well as show a pic of the finished scarf.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Last time it was the kid's sneaker next to a sneaker for my 1 year old nephew.. now it's his Giant men's size 14 sneaker next to my women's size 8.  it looks like a child's sneaker next to his..

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bauducco Panettone

I was lucky enough to be chosen by foodbuzz to try Bauducco Panettone and, ultimately blog about it.  I received 2 loaves of Panettone, one with Hershey's Chocolate and the other was Original Panettone. 

I got the Panettone on Friday night, so Saturday morning using a few hearty slices of the original Panettone I made French toast.  I Love french toast and OMG this was fantastic!  I make French toast like my grandma did so the recipe is pretty basic and absolutely delicious!

4 thick slices of Original Bauducco Panettone
1 egg, beaten
1 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp Vanilla extract
1/8 tsp ground nutmeg
Canola oil 

In a bowl beat together the egg, sugar, Vanilla and Nutmeg.

Heat your pan and add about 1 Tsp canola oil, or just enough to spread across the bottom of the pan.

When the pan is hot dip the Panettone, one slice at a time into the egg wash and then place into the pan.

Toast in the pan for 1-2 minutes per side until it's as toasty as you like.

Serve with your choice of condiments.. I like Butter and syrup, but honey is just as good with this with a bit of marmalade.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I can admit to my mistakes

I made such a stupid mistake on Sunday.

I really should have known better.. And it hit me just at the wrong moment that sheer fear and Noooooooo!!

But it was already too late and as I backpedaled to try and fix it I kinda threw my hands up in a que sera sera moment and let it be in hopes it would rectify itself.

So, here's the story.

I make kick ass cinnamon rolls.  Really, they’re amazing.

Last week at the farmers market I went and picked up some honeycrisp apples and I managed to save one from being devoured by the kid for baking and wanted to fill the cinnamon rolls up with chopped apple. It sounded like the perfect idea.  And it would have been had I not 1. Diced the apples so fine and 2.  Added them to the cinnamon sugar in the bowl.  The apples hit the sugar and immediately turned to liquid.

I started to panic and tossed in a tablespoon of cornstarch to thicken it up and then quickly rolled out the dough as fast as I could and spread the mixture on and started to roll it up...with the apple sugar mix oozing out of the ends I was so mad at myself for being such a dumbass.  I set them to rise and just prayed it would be ok.

They turned out Okay.. But with barely any filling in them.  Next time I’m going to add the apples right before rolling it up.. BIG slices of apple, like for pie.. No tiny diced pieces, that was my downfall, that and adding the cornstarch which turned them dry and the insides a little chewey.  Yuck.

The kid still likes them, he actually put one in a mug of milk this morning and ate it with a spoon, lol.  I guess it was the best way to eat it when you’ve literally got 5 minutes to eat, get your shoes on and get outta the house before you’re late for school.

I will post up some pics as well as the new recipe for icing that I started using.  Less fat but Tons of flavor!!