Saturday, July 26, 2008

My little porch tomatoes..

I'm insanely proud of my garden this year, I have to say that the last few years has been a huge disappointment, BUT this year I got started early and instead of trying to grow big tomatoes (which I don't really eat anyway raw, but cook with) I decided to go with Cherry tomatoes, I only bought myself One plant (because I wouldn't have felt too bad if I killed it) and it's really done great! so far I've been picking one or two at a time as they ripen, but I've got whole clusters now that are ripening as we speak (and that makes me ridiculously happy!)

I think the most wonderful part of this garden project this year is the fact that P. will actually eat cherry tomatoes! The kid will not eat tomatoes on anything, it's the first thing he will pull off a sandwich or pick out of a salad, but not my little cherry tomatoes.. I had this sitting in a bowl in the fridge, waiting to get tossed into some pasta for dinner when I caught him.. with his fingers in the bowl!

Mom, these are the tomatoes from outside? Um.. yea, and the basil from that big old plant on the porch too, to which he replied These are the best tomatoes I've ever had.. can I have more? I damn near fell right over! Now granted he has never been one to turn away food or Not try something, he learned at a very early age that you eat what I cook or have cereal, but through culinary school he was willing to try everything I brought home and never balked about it. He willingly eats salmon, vegetables of any kind Even roasted Brussels sprouts, he will pick fruit over candy and the thing he drinks most is milk (No wonder at 12 he's already an inch taller than me!) the only 2 things I know this kid will not eat are avocados, and pepperoni cheese (which is something I love, cheddar cheese with little bits of Pepperoni in it, so bad for you, but so good!)... other than that it's all up for grabs (which makes me one of the luckiest mom's out there!)

So this little bunch of Cherry tomatoes sat in the refrigerator today, happily blending with some bail and garlic and a pinch of sea salt to let the yummy juices flow and then was tossed with a pot of Cavatelli and a drizzle of olive oil.. what could be better on a steamy summer night?