Monday, July 28, 2008

The Foodie Quiz

Alright, so I'm tired, slightly bored, have a KILLER Headache and I'm just not cooking tonight, since I knew I wasn't going to be home all weekend I didn't bother to go grocery shopping last week, we just made do with what was in the fridge (and pretty dang good with that too) I was carrying a ton of crap home tonight so stopping on the way home was out of the question too, so we stopped and grabbed a sub at the deli and shared it.. sometimes you just can' t do it.. tonight is one of those nights.. it was a long weekend to say the least.

So tonight, I leave you all with this:

The foodie quiz
I found it just by chance and it's pretty fun... here's my score:

You scored 41
You, friend, are a gastro-warrior, a culinary thrill -seeker with a palate that knows no barriers, no shame – and no frozen potato waffles and mass produced condiments.

I want you all to comment too as to what your score was.. it was pretty fun :o)