Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dinner tonight, care of Ah Law Kitchen

I was exhausted by the time I picked P. up from camp tonight.. I've been having really bad insomnia and haven't had a full nights sleep all week, I'm getting maybe 4-5 hours (and I generally need at least 7 to be properly functioning, lol) so before we got back on the bus I called our order in because I'm just really too tired to stand in the kitchen and cook (and by that time it was already 6:45) so one order of steamed pork dumplings, one order of cold noodles with sesame sauce and one order of Cheese won ton's (OMG they are sooooo good!)

The dumplings were for me

They are filled perfectly with seasoned pork and steamed to perfection and they come with the most delicious sesame soy dipping sauce.

the sesame noodles were for P

This is really a heaping helping for only $4! It's spicy and sweet and absolutely delicious!

and we shared the cheese won ton's

These are won ton's that are stuffed with cream cheese, scallions and possibly carrot? I'm not too sure what the orange bits are, but it's all good! P. tasted this when they first started making them, the owner gave him a sample and it was love at first bite.

One of the main reasons I go to this place is that none of their food is greasy, you don't feel absolutely horrible after eating it.. just full and happy :) Their prices are great too, we got this all for $13.


Cookie baker Lynn said...

Isn't take out awesome when you're just too beat to cook? Such a treat!