Friday, August 15, 2008

Turkey burgers are good!

I didn't always like turkey burgers, I always found them to be bland and dry... until one night everything changed for me.. I had some ground turkey that had to be cooked by the next night and I realized it right after I was putting the current night's dinner away.. so I took it out of the package and transferred it to a zipper bag, added about 1/4 cup of Worcestershire sauce, 1/2 cup breadcrumbs, salt, pepper (or really, my favorite mass produced spice which is Jane's Mixed-up krazy salt) and garlic powder and just kind of mushed it up in the bag, squeezed out most of the air and then let it hang out until I got home the next night to make dinner. I heated up the G.F. grill, made some good, decent sized patties and grilled them for 7 minutes. They were the most moist and flavorful turkey burgers that I ever had in my life!
(Now, if it wasn't raining tonight I would have taken that damn camera back. but definitely tomorrow) Tonight I roasted a few tomatoes in the oven with olive oil, basil, salt, pepper and rosemary, tossed on a few thin slices of mozzarella right before it came out of the oven and used that to top the burgers and *WOW* they were amazing. Hopefully I will have a different camera by next week if I can get this camera returned tomorrow so I can get some decent foodie pics up here.. because it's really a shame that I didn't take any pics of tonight's dinner..