Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I hate my camera

really, truly I hate this camera.. I thought I was getting a great one.. it's been out for about 7 months or so and I honestly thought Olympus was a great brand.. I read the reviews and most of them were really great, the only downside to most of them was that they drained batteries fairly quickly.. I wasn't deterred.. until I actually bought the camera myself.. the camera is an Olympus FE-310 and I purchased it for the much hyped "cuisine mode" It's not such a big deal. It's 'image stabilization mode' does nothing to prevent a shaky picture when you're a little less than steady (like with your elbow teetering at the edge of the table when you're trying to get a good foodie shot) the zoom makes everything blurry and I have yet to take a picture that is 'worthy' with this camera. It's very slow to focus and snap the shot and I just found out that without the "OPTIONAL" XD memory card all the functions do not work.. so then why do they call it optional? (and it has to be their brand or it may cause the camera to malfunction) Now, I really really really want to return this camera.. the hitch? I purchased it at Office Max and they have a pretty tricky return policy although 'satisfaction is guaranteed' it states that 'Electronic items, digital cameras, computers, PDA's and business machines must be returned within 14 days of purchase. Right underneath it states that OfficeMax will not accept returns of opened computers, pda's, digital cameras or software packages unless defective. These items that are defective may be exchanged for the identical item only.

So I think I'm stuck in a catch 22 here.. I'm gonna try tomorrow and see what I can do.. I really hate this camera.. and if it really comes down to it I might have to just sell it on ebay.. because, well. just because I don't like doesn't mean someone else won't too.