Friday, August 29, 2008

So in case you werre wondering, Yes..

I'm still camera-less. I went shopping last weekend and was less than thrilled with the cameras that I saw in the few stores I went to. I'm torn between Nikon and Canon cameras both of which friends have and take wonderful pictures with.. I was a devoted HP camera owner until my last one died and I was totally crushed to find they aren't making them anymore.

My foodie friends I'm really kind of polling here as to what cameras y'all are using.. something preferably under $200 (mom on a budget here)

I've been cooking, yeah, but really what's the point about blogging about all this great food without pictures?

and then I'll say this.. From my cousin April's wedding cake last July..

Just because it looks absolutely gorgeous...

Doesn't mean it tastes great too (that was the most disgusting cake I ever had in my life!)


Anonymous said...

Since you are starting off without prior involvement in a camera system (lenses, flash, accessories), it doesn't make much difference what camera system you go with (Canon vs. Nikon vs. Sony, etc.). I shoot with Canon gear (I've been quite pleased), but some of my peers use Nikon with great success. The real question you'll have to answer is whether you are getting a DSLR and associated lenses and processing software or a point and shoot. Digital Photography School has a lot of articles on the subject that may be of use, and I'm glad to answer any questions you have!