Thursday, August 28, 2008

Everyone has one.....the strange food combination

For the longest time my sister and cousin thought I was just, well.. weird.. It wasn't just how I liked to marinate steak and chicken in various types of vinegar, oil and spices, but it was that I liked not only butter and syrup on my pancakes (and Man do I LOVE Pancakes) but I like peanut butter and raspberry jam on them along with the butter and syrup. No, I don't do this often (or maybe not often enough, lol) and it MUST be super chunky peanut butter and only raspberry jam will do (I will not eat grape jelly.. one incident when I was a kid was enough to swear off it for Life) Now, it wasn't until my cousin married her hubby that she learned I wasn't the only "freak" who ate peanut butter with their pancakes, because he does it too! My sister and cousin both eventually realized that I had something right with the vinegar and meat combination.. maybe this wasn't something that home cooks did much in the 90's, and it sure wasn't something teenagers were doing.. But I loved to cook and they all loved the stuff I cooked, even if it was a little strange going in, lol.. My sister and cousin call me almost daily with cooking questions like "what spices go good with this" or how to I make _____" it's not uncommon to find myself talking one of them through an entire meal.. but it's what I do, lol..

So.. come on, I know you have a strange food combination that you eat sometimes, if not on a regular basis.. be it the girl I once knew who drank Pepsi and milk or the girl who dipped French fries in her Frosty.. I've witnessed P. do the most unthinkable thing ever when I ran out of tomatoes one day he put barbecue sauce on his pasta (and I wanted to be physically ill) He will also eat a bowl of white rice drenched in the stuff.. (yuck)

So.. Tell me what you've got.. what is the strangest things you eat together?