Thursday, August 14, 2008

Maybe one of you can help me out with this recipe..

I used to work at a restaurant called The Emerald Planet in NYC, I worked at their Rockefeller Center store up until they closed that location. Their flagship store downtown is still open, but I so rarely find myself in that part of town since moving and kick myself when I find myself craving a 'Casa Blanca' Wrap and for the life of me I just can't manage to replicate their {unbelievably good] Chermoula sauce which is ultimately a garlic yogurt sauce with cilantro (and OMG how I freaking Hate cilantro) but there was always something about that sauce that was just so dang good. (and why I gained around 10 pounds when I worked there, lol) No chermoula recipe that I've come across even remotely resembles what the cook there made and I don't think they'd bee too keen to me calling them and asking for the recipe.. especially since I don't think anyone I know works there anymore... but hey, if you happen to remember me, please throw me a line.
Now, I don't so much hate cilantro as I detest it.. I can't stand the way it tastes and the smell makes me want to be physically ill.. I just can't handle it.. I found a 'garlic yogurt sauce' recipe (while being unbelievably bored at work) and searching the internet which may resemble the recipe (this was close to 7 years ago that I worked at this place, but not since I've had the wrap) and I suppose I can use parsley to substitute the cilantro, I guess I will try it tonight for dinner and see what the results are (and I will update the post as well, I haven't yet returned that camera yet so pictures may follow.. or may not, depending if it's raining or not on my way home tonight.. I just had other things on the agenda last night like stopping at the supermarket and I just really wasn't in the mood to deal with {possibly} bitchy people when I had a day full of it, lol.. maybe tomorrow.. although I only have until Sunday to do the return.. it will get done (or at least a valid attempt will be made) just really pisses me off that the camera will not work with all the features without the "optional" memory card.. there is no way it's really optional if you're not getting all the features without it.. GRR!!

I'll be back here later with the results of dinner.. but for now..
Ciao :o)