Friday, October 29, 2010

..The Witch may be gone, but her replacement isn’t far off..

She’s not mean... but she’s so fakey nice that it’s sickening... and you know she’s full of shit anyway.

She will stand around and stare at you if she has to ask you something and you’re on the phone or having a conversation with someone. Most other peeps will walk away and come back at another time.. Nope not her..she stands there, looming like a dark shadow.  So you have to stop what you’re doing and be like WHAT!?!? or.. Yes, can I help you? In a totally exaggerated annoyed tone like Can I.     Help youuuuuu?

She decided when she’s gonna take lunch and for how long.  We get paid lunch hour here and I get extremely pissed off when people take advantage. I rarely take lunch unless I have to do something important, I hate losing my parking spot and really hate parking on the upper level of the parking garage here.

When she started here, it was like she had no idea what she was doing.. She didn’t know how to use the fax machine for christsakes! She would ask me or the file clerk how to do a Dr’s authorization and other paperwork that should come as second nature to someone who’s supposedly been doing this for 35 years.

I’m not saying everyone here is perfect...and, unlike the witch, she actually does work. But she spends a shitload of time on the phone with personal calls.  I just think that these guys should have maybe interviewed more than just one chick for the job before deeming her perfect.  Because in all honesty people do fudge on their resumes and just calling her last employer who may have been sympathetic towards her does not make her the right person for the job.

New lady recently decided she was going to invite herself to lunch with the other girls here who were sitting in the back conference room having lunch, and when it was over one of the ladies here who thoroughly enjoys  chatting it up with the other girls and her time not sitting at her desk said she would rather sit at the Deli next door by herself than have to endure another lunch hour with that woman.  I almost died laughing!!!  Apparently new lady spend the whole hour talking about her “stomach issues” and how much she loves food. Yea, you just really want to hear about someone’s ïntestinal distress”while trying to enjoy your lunch... Um, eww, and no thanks.