Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Flip Off's 10/29/10

It's Flip Off Friday yet again... This week has been a fast one!

Lets first say a Grand Thank You and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our gracious host MommaKiss.  Thanks for being there when I need ya.

Now.. without hesitation let the Flipping begin!

First off... my kid's math teacher for giving him MORNING Detention and Ruining MY day.  stupid bullshit gotta be at school by 7:15 detention. What the hell happened to after school detention like we all had to suffer with?  Morning detention can kiss my ass.  So where am I at 7:30? Instead of being home getting ready to leave enjoying my coffee I'm AT WORK. The sun wasn't even up when we left the house at 7!  It's gonna be a loooong freaking day.

Next up.  Coffee.  Flip off Coffee manufacturers who think it's OK to charge $7 for a can of my (wonderful, aromatic, delicious) Lavazza Espresso. It's not even that it went up a couple cents.. it went up over $1! Starbucks can flip off too for a $6 latte, forget it. I got a pumpkin Latte from Dunkin Donuts that was so nasty  2 sips in and it went down the drain.  I was so hoping for a better experience with Starbucks that I was so crushed when it wasn't much better than the sludge I got from DD.

Flip off Nintendo for making me have to wait until at least March for the 3ds.  I was hoping this would be out in November so I could get it for The Kid for Christmas.. at this rate he's not gonna have it for his birthday either.. maybe Easter, but I'm not hopeful.  It's not helping the situation that his current DS decided to bite the dust a few weeks ago either.

One more week of driving home in the daylight before F"ing daylight savings begins.  I hate it. Flip off Daylight Savings.

I hate to say it, but the fucktards upstairs have been, dare I say it...almost civil this week... almost.  Aside from the 5am wake up call from Fucktard kid#2 on Monday and the incessant noise until Midnight last night it's been, well... pretty quiet.  Not nearly as quiet as when they went on vacation for 2 weeks 2 years ago (it was Absolute friggin' Bliss) but fairly bearable.

I can't believe Halloween is Sunday.  My kid will be trick or treating.. because, why not?  I have a neighborhood full of old grumpy people who don't like trick or treaters.. so we'll be taking a drive to the neighborhood by his school and hoping for some good candy.

Have a Great weekend everyone!
Keep your Trick or treaters safe and remember to check the candy.  The weirdest thing I ever found in my kid's TOT bag was a snack size ziplock baggie full of peanuts and pennies.. it got tossed.  every once in a while there will be candy that looks a little open, that gets tossed too, people are nuts and I'd rather not take chances with my kid... no matter how old he is.

Now, Link up with us crazy Momma's and Flip off whatever's pissing ya off.


Kim said...

MORNING detention?? Wow. That teacher is seriously sadistic. And has plans immediately after school today.

Ashley said...

I dunno.. this guy always does morning detention.. I have 3 days of this shit.. Monday's sure gonna be fun (NOT).

The mad woman behind the blog said...

Morning detention? If my daughter ever gets that, she'll be chuckling to herself the WHOLE time.
I don't get it.

Happy Birthday to MK! I'm not ranting today. I let it all out yesterday.

Have a great weekend!

MommaKiss said...

Sorry it took me so long to come by. I suck lately.
The morning detention SUX!!! And coffee? Really hon? :p