Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Flip Off's 10/22/10

First, Fuck you Flip Off Cancer.. really.. just go die. (don't y'all wish it was that easy to tell cancer to just fuck off and it would go away forever?)

I've got MommaKiss over there with her girl A who lost her "girls" yesterday to that damn bitch and then I've got my girl who's in Portugal and who will be on her way to Mozambique tomorrow (really, God help me here, I can just feel the white hairs sprouting,) I know she wouldn't be doing this shit on this journey if her mom was still here.. but no, Cancer took her mom last October. Not six weeks after being diagnosed, mom was gone.

Flip off people who think it's OK to edit someone else's writing, change their words and feelings and ruin the whole feeling of said written word.  Yea, I'm Mighty pissed about that one, it meant a lot to me and I expected it to be left alone.

Flip off stores that think it's OK to have Christmas stuff moved in along with the Halloween stuff.  THAT IS NOT OK.  Stop pushing the seasons and let things be like they're supposed to... it's not benefiting anyone, it just makes the holiday season more stressful when you've gotta shove it down our throats.

Flip off Daylight savings.. I know you're coming.. and I hate you!  I hate driving home from work in the dark, makes me feel like I spend even more of my life in that damn place.

Can I give growing up a flip off too?  yea? then good.. here goes:
Flip off growing up.. I'm not ready for this shit.. my kid is like 6' tall and getting facial hair.  Seriously.. I"m not ready for this. AT.ALL.
I've got my cousin asking me if kid's gonna start Drivers Ed next year.. NO.. Please don't drive me to drink. Kid's a winter baby, he'll have to wait until the next year to do Drivers Ed.  And he's not driving my truck, that's for sure, Bestie almost broke my truck before she left, and she was just moving it in her driveway.. *sigh*

7 months from today is my birthday.. then hopefully the bestie will be back here in the states and will rethink this life adventure she's got going on. I seriously miss her like crazy. doing ok so far holding myself together, just a minor breakdown here & there.

Now, of course my week isn't complete without flipping off my assclown landlord.. so here goes:
Flip off jackass landlord.. if your TV is loud enough to wake me out of a sound sleep at 5:30am IT'S TOO GODDAMN LOUD!
It's been like 40° at night, Turn on the damn heat!
The wife stomping around in her heels at midnight? Look, I don't give a shit what kind of night job she's got but take the damn shoes off in the house, heels on the hardwood floor are seriously annoying to the people who live downstairs.

Now, join in the fun and flip off your week here with the rest of us


MommaKiss said...

aw love, your bestie is gone. Sigh.

Growing up, damn - facial hair? Soooo not ready for it.

I totally forgot about DST. Thanks for that.

Ashley said...

Yea, she's been gone 2 weeks now.. was supposed to hang in Portugal longer, but hubby wants her to travel with his brother, so she's cutting her Portugal stay short for now.. but she'll be back there eventually.

Emily said...

The facial hair sucks - I'm now paying for my 12 year old to get eyebrow and lip waxes (and yet, I continue to look like an old hairy hag) because it just ain't cool to be a girl with a mustache. Almost peed my pants in shock when I accidently walked in on her changing the other day...pube hair, not cool.

Shell said...

I will flip off the time change with you. I HATE it.