Thursday, October 28, 2010

So the General consensus is I need a stand mixer

Granted, I might not really exactly have the counter space for it, but If I don't want to make myself crazy making 150 batches of cookies using the little hand mixer I have I need a stand mixer.  I was determined to get one last year... but then I just didn't have the $$$ for the Kitchen Aid that I wanted.  I almost crumbled and got a crappy one, but all the bad reviews changed my mind.  It's not worth spending money, no matter how much if it's not going to work to the capacity that you need it to.

I love baking, but it's a chore with a little hand mixer because you're limited as to the amount of dough you can make in one batch without blowing out the motor like me & the bestie did when making the train cake for her son's birthday this past April.  We made so much buttercream frosting and vanilla cake that halfway through the icing the motor died on her mixer and I drive the half an hour ride back and forth just to go home, grab a change of clothes for myself & the kid and grab my hand mixer.. it was a long night, we were baking and decorating until 2am.  It was totally worth it though :)

This thing was immense.  It was as long as her dining room table with the extender leaf put in.  We had a blast making it.