Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Suburban Farmers Market

I really Love the fact that there's a farmers market at the courthouse every Tuesday from September-November.   Not only is it totally out of left field (because, really? In the courthouse parking lot?) but the vendors are from some local establishments (like The Cupcake Corner) and from upstate farms.

I got myself a pound of McIntosh  apples along with a quart of some little dainty apples (I don't know what they're called, they're not lady apples but they're about the size of a Q-ball and crunchy)

They have all kinds of fresh baked bread, veggies and fruit, home made pastas and sauces and all kinds of meat.. it's great!

But, being I only had $8 on me this morning (money left over from the weekend, because I hardly ever carry cash) all I got was the apples and a quart of cider ( I love fresh apple cider).

I'm going to make something apple-y tonight.. I can't wait because this damn weather can bite me.  It's been raining since Sunday night, and it's cold and crappy.. I mean, it's cloudy, windy and only 60° right now.  I hate this weather... but then again, it's not 22° and snowing so I should really shut up and stop complaining.

So, yea.. Apples.. I'll be baking tonight.. and blogging about it tomorrow :)