Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Flip Off's 10/8/10

Friday Flip Off's 10/8/10

Dear Friday October 8, 2010,
I hate you.  Instead of taking your sweet time to get here you rushed ahead like you were in for a big prize.  I’m not happy you’re here and I am incredibly sad that you’ve arrived.

You suck!

Bestie’s leaving tomorrow night. I won’t see her again until late June (hopefully she’ll be here for my birthday).  I’ve got skype so we can chat.. I still need to get a webcam though.  This day got here so fast.. She told me she was thinking about moving on June 18th and when she got back from Portugal on July 31st it was all set in stone that yea, they were definitely moving and the wheels set in motion... from then on in time has just flown bye.

BBQ at her house tonight.. There will be tears, lots and lots of tears.. See, I’m crying again, I’ve been so good at keeping my emotions in check.... there goes that.  If I seem to go missing please give me a kick in the ass via email or Twitter @ChefAshbabe.  I’m gonna try my best not to lose it.. I’m not losing her, she’s just going on an extended vacation.  I told her she has to move back in 5 years, I’m hoping she holds to it.

This is my only flip of the day... otherwise it’s been a pretty decent week aside from the crazy ass weather.

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MommaKiss said...

i knew this day was coming. enjoy your time w/ her. dammit.