Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Flip Off's 10/15/10

It’s that time of the week again... Oh yah Baby.... Friday Flip Off’s.  MommaKiss is hosting again so lets join her in the weekly flipping off of stuff

  I would like to make my first Fuck you Flip off to my Landlord and his asshole family Oh yeah.. The whole damn gang this time.

 Saturday, after very emotional farewell to my bestie before her Portugal adventure all I wanted to do was go home and sleep (and cry, but my kid gets upset when I cry so I keep that to myself).. But the Fucktards upstairs decided that it was time for another party. (This has been every weekend for the past month or so now)  Tv was blaring inside, the obnoxious Columbian music was blaring outside and I got pissed and started to cry.. Then my kid got pissed and he went and asked the Fucktard General to please turn the Tv inside down. And it went down a smidge.

 After midnight (after like 3 hours sleep the night before and already 8 hours of listening to this bullshit) I was thisclose to calling the cops when they showed up. I heard the doorbell ring upstairs and then all was quiet.

My neighbor on one side is a sweet old lady who is suffering from breast cancer (again, mind you.) I’m thinking if it wasn’t her who called it was her son who lives across the street.

Yea, my landlord and his whole family are a bunch of total assholes with no respect for anyone.

One more flip.. to this Damn twitch under my right eye... Stop it already.. it's annoying!

Other than that I can't complain about this week.. sad as hell that my bestie has moved away and I'm trying to deal.. but shit, I miss her :(.

Join the other Momma's in the flippage this week here:


MommaKiss said...

swear to god, ash, your landlord is about to get a double nut-kick from me. Seriously pissing me off for you.

Bethany said...

Eye twitches are the worst, after crappy landlords, of course. Do you have some religious music you could play really loudly?

Ashley said...

MK.. when I move I'm gonna set a shitload of crickets free in the house.

Bethany.. when they seriously piss me off I blast Sucicdal Tendencies.. old school heavy metal usually shuts them up, but it has gotten me in trouble once before.

Copyboy said...

I appreciate the PG-13 of the FU friday. Best of luck to your friend.