Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Lemming Central October Box Has Arrived

I love coming home to boxes filled with goodies sitting on my porch, Since April I've been lucky enough to get one when they go on sale every other month and, like I said before, I have never been disappointed in the goodies that were inside. I use most, some I give away (not much though, lol). Inside this box I got a huge surprise though..

Some of these samples are Huge! I am pleasantly surprised by this, giddy even!

Now, remember not all boxes have the same samples in them (and I always wonder what everyone else got) Nonetheless I'm always happy with what I get.. All I've gotta say is judging by this box the December box is going to be awesome
As if right now there are 30 boxes still available at LemmingCentral

Okay, so here's the list of what I got in my box and if ya ordered one, lemme know what you got too :)

  1. The first thing that I saw in the Cello bag when I opened up the box was this gigantic softball sized bath fizzy in pineapple Cilantro from Sheba's secrets (along with a 20% off coupon!)
  2. Next up was 2 soy wax tarts from Things that make scents in Orange Caramel Crumble and Black Cat (along with a 25% off coupon)
  3. .33 ounce sample of Pure Bliss Exotic butter cream with a 15% off coupon
  4. a huge (maybe 4 ounce) sample from Heaven & Earth Essentials of Candy Corn whipped sugar body scrub, Delicate Raspberry crepe scented emollient lotion sample and a sample of healing lotion (and if you sign up as a new customer on her website you can get $5 off your first order!)
  5. Lip balm in Tangerine Vanilla from Pookie ( I think this is full size!)
  6. Tea and Coffee samples from SBS Teas along with a little baggie of candy corn
  7. From Sandi's soap scents there was a sunset magic hand and body lotion sample, a pumpkin pie soap sample, traverse city cherry soap sample (these 2 were just little slabs) and a little flower shaped soap sample in lavender, apples and oak (and a 15% off coupon for my first order)
  8. 2 whipped body frosting samples from Pink bow bath boutique (with a 15% off coupon)
  9. Pumpkin Vanilla candle tart from Just Right candle Co. (with a 20% off code)
  10. Vanilla lip balm from Harley's delight
  11. Vegetarian cold process soap sample in Apple Mango Chutney and an aloe smoothie sample in chamomile tea scent from Crater lake company
  12. Chamomile Bergamot soap slab and grapefruit casis lotion sample from Ginger's Garden (with 10% off code)
  13. and last, but not least from the Blue Gecko candle company a sample of Silky milky bubble bath and a pumpkin shaped spiced pumpkin brulee wax tart, with 15% off code

WOW!!! It all smells wonderful!!