Friday, October 24, 2008

If you can't have fun in the kitchen then what's the point?

Today was one of those days at work that started really slow, I got in at 8:45 and until almost noon it was pretty much dead (but that tends to be a typical Friday) so I went through my emails this morning when one particular blog caught my eye when reading something totally unrelated to food, lol.. Outblush is a blog dedicated to shopping... but it's dedicated to ALL kinds of shopping, not just clothes or gadgets or whatnot.. it's a little bit of everything baby! So, as I was browsing through Outblush I found some cool kitchen gadgets I wanted to share with y'all.
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Onion Action Goggles
(these come in Pink, black and white)

Serious foodies know when to take precautions. They also know how to up the ante in order to torment their friends.

Our Onion Action Goggles perform a duty (they are anti-fog and provide a foam seal against vapors) but primarily, they place the chef in a different league.

Okay, when I saw this one I thought of Chef Duff and the episode of Ace of Cakes when he makes the world's Largest cupcake, so freaking funny! I love that show, I wish I could work with a chef as cool as Duff, the only chefs I've ever worked for were total A-holes (and that's putting it nicely)

Giant Cupcake Cake Pan


Designed for the kid in all of us, this whimsical Wilton Giant Cupcake Cake Pan ($28) is sure to be a big hit at your next party. Great for birthdays, graduations, and anything in between, it's made of durable cast aluminum with a premium nonstick interior.

Slice Solutions PreCut Brownie Pan Set

(this is like that old fashioned ice cube tray my Grandma used to have when I was a kid!)
And now, for Outblush's good deed of the day: A fabulous (and fabulously new) excuse to—bake brownies. With this Slice Solutions PreCut Brownie Pan Set ($25), every piece comes out perfectly, no hacking away at baked goods required. Plus, the removable bottom makes it easy to pull brownies out of the pan without the stuck reside stuff. And by sectioning off your brownies, you can make a million—OK, 18—different kinds in one pan.

And last but not least:

Progressive Magnetic Measuring Spoons


How frustrating is it to begin baking, only to realize that you can't find the right measuring spoon. The Progressive Magnetic Measuring Spoons Set ($8) includes five measuring spoons that can be stuck to the fridge or nested together in a drawer for handy storage.
They make Measuring Cups too!
Progressive International Magnetic Measuring Cups
Remember, I'm a bit disorganized... one of these days I will have a kitchen that is bigger than a hallway with enough cabinet space to hold everything I have.. but hey, if I can stick my measuring spoons and cups on the fridge for easy access, I'm all for it :)

And those are my random thoughts for today..

Ciao :)


Cakespy said...

Yup--I need everything here!!

Anonymous said...

These are some cool tools!

Weyn said...

These are ingenious! But I'll have to settle for lighting a candle near my chopping board when working with onions - it sets the mood. :D

Hope you find a "foodier" experience and profession soon. I'm 18 and still figuring out whether I should go to another college, for cooking.