Friday, October 3, 2008

Foodie props and paraphernalia

I'm always amazed at all the different food related items I find while shopping online, but I came across a few notable mentions this morning while I was browsing Perpetual Kid looking for a one of a kind Halloween gift for a friend of mine (and seeing if I can find something unique for P. for Christmas, he's such a pain in the butt to shop for)

Anyway, I came across these, which are just too great Not to share with you all :)


OMG!!! Birthday bliss!

These mints are so freakin' good you'll wish had even more! Each 3" tin contains one hundred and thirty Frosting Flavored mints that will satisfy your sweet tooth without expanding your waistline!

For $1.50, I'm all for it, lol!!

Now, I'm not sure if these are a purely New York thing, but I've always loved these cups.. Now
in Ceramic form.. Awesome!

The World's most famous paper cup, replicated in *CERAMIC* for home, office, or restaurant use.

The famous Greek paper cup has been around since 1963. Currently, over 180,000,000 per year are carried out of New York delis full of hot coffee! Due to the vast number of them, the length of time they have been around and New Yorkers' appreciation for their design, the cup has come to be a quintessential New York icon. It is very likely the world's most famous coffee cup!

Buy 4 or more mugs and receive a 10% discount on your mugs! Enter the discount code MUGS during checkout to redeem.

Each mug comes in an individual charming gift box.

Size: 3.75"h x 3.25"w, holds 10 oz.

and Last, but Not least...

ABC* Cookie Cutters - Gingerbread Man
*already been chewed

They look so sad and Pathetic, but I can only imagine the faces of co-workers or guests
when you have these guys on your Christmas cookie platter, ROFL!! I'm totally getting these!

The Perpetual Kid's cookies are so delicious that all he's ever left with are crumbs, so he devised this devious ploy. Just bake them with bite marks built-in and watch your friends leave them behind on the tray. It's famous ABC (Already Been Chewed) Cookie Cutters!

They're made to the highest culinary standards from luxurious cast aluminum so there are no seams or sharp edges and they're easy to clean. Displayed in nifty clear display boxes - great gifts.

Gingerbread Men set include 3 designs - one missing a head, one missing a leg, and one missing an arm. These poor poor Gingerbread Men! Their loss is your gain.


Sharon said...

Great finds. I'm loving those cupcake mints!

Jaime said...

hahaha - those cookie cutters are so cute!

Gina said...

Those gingerbread men cookie cutters are a hoot! And perfect for my sense of humor - I'm going to have to search those down and buy some.