Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dunkin Donuts Egg White & turkey sausage Flatbread

Lunch today would have been better had it actually come from my kitchen.  But, of course it didn’t.  Because heaven forbid I remember it in the fridge as I’m flying out the door at 7:30 yelling at the kid to hurry his butt up before he’s late for first period... again.

Today I decided to do a little research before I headed out to the snoozefest of choices we have over here by my office for lunch.. There’s the deli next door, Subway on one corner.. Walk the other way out of the building and there’s Dunkin Donuts, Chinese or Pizza.  I will not eat from the Chinese place, their food is soooooo greasy.  Pizza.. Meh.  I mean, guaranteed, the pizza is really good 95% of the time.. But, again... meh. I’d get a salad there if they weren’t freaking $9!!  Dunkin donuts has a wide variety of new stuff on their menu (minus that Texas toast sandwich that has a day’s worth of calories and 2 days worth of sodium) I went online to the DD website to check on some nutrition facts and decided on the egg white & turkey sausage flatbread sandwich.

I’m going to get my hair cut tonight *gasp* so unlike many days when I go without eating until I get home (I know, that’s really, really bad) I know I won’t be home until probably well after 6... so I had to run out and grab something before the other ladies went out to lunch.

 It’s good.  It’s not spectacular or something I’d make a special trip for or eat daily.. But whatever, it’s lunch.  The Egg part had enough little sausage bits and spinach to be noticed, but the flavor was pretty bland.  The bread is soft but closely resembles cardboard & the flavor wasn't much better. For under 300 calories and less than $4 I'm not going to complain.  It was good enough, it was food in my belly that was slightly nutritious and will hold me over (hopefully) until dinner. I’m running on 2 Latté’s already today (home made, first one was downed with the remnants of yesterday’s espresso while the fresh pot of espresso was brewing, lol.. Something I never do) and no food.. So, yeah.. I’ve gotta eat something before I keel over.


Beth @ FareNecessities said...

I had one of these a while ago, and only ate half, because I also thought it tasted a lot like cardboard. I figured it must have just been me.