Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Scenes from my office

I don't know if there's proper etiquette for eating in the office but the eating habits of my co workers continue to astound me on a daily basis... Here are a few tips I have for them:

Soda and cookies IS NOT an idea of a good breakfast

One can not live on Pretzels alone

How a man can snack as much as one of my senior partners, aka cookiepuss, and stay stick thin, I’ll never know

Fish should Never, EVER be reheated in the office microwave

If you have a GI issue, eating Prepackaged frozen meals every single day is probably a bad idea, plus that shit stinks up the entire office

If there are more chemicals than real ingredients in what you’re eating, it’s not really healthy

Just because your family won’t eat that ginormous supermarket cake doesn’t mean you should bring the leftovers into the office.

If you don’t eat vegetables or fruit on a regular basis, it will eventually effect your health.

Whole milk isn’t really good.. And 2% doesn’t taste any different, there is a slight difference in 1% and Skim, I agree is just plain nasty.  Don’t pitch a monumental fit just because there isn’t whole milk for the office coffee.

Please don’t inspect my lunch, it’s rude.

If you wouldn’t eat what I’m eating, keep your comments to yourself, I eat real food, not fat free/sugar free/taste free everything like you do.

If you get paid for an hour's lunch break, you get ONE HOUR, not an hour and a half... and it's unbelievably ballsy to eat your lunch at your desk and then leave for an hour.. if you eat at your desk it's either because you're working through lunch or you have to leave early.

I'm sure I'll have more.. check back for updates


MommaKiss said...

people are awesome, aren't they? assclowns.

Ashley said...

Heh.. it's even more awesome when you realize said co workers are reading the blog posts AND printing them out.