Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hey, can you make these? Italian Pignoli cookies

I was asked that question Sunday and my response was “I can make anything” As long as I know what it’s called and I can find a recipe... or I can figure out on my own basically what’s in it.. Sure.  I can do it.  I'll never turn down a cooking challenge anyway.

This particular question was directed towards a pignoli cookie.  Sure, I can do that.. And I can probably make it better than the one you’re eating too. (Neener neener) lol.

When I’m asked to make something, whether it’s to cook or bake I put my all into it.  I don’t do anything half assed.  I will seek out the best recipe I can find and make it to the best of my ability with the best ingredients I can find.

I have a plan to make these Pignoli cookies with fresh made almond paste.. I have a bag of almond meal in my freezer left over from Christmas cookies.. So yea, I’m gonna do that too... and post the recipe here.  I’ll do a trial run before I go and make them for the bestie when she gets here (which can’t be soon enough when I’m still waiting for her to get her tickets for her flight home).  I was at her sister’s yesterday who told me we’ll have a cooking feast when she gets here.

So, Stay tuned.. there's gonna be a LOT of recipes coming up soon.  I've already started cranking up the ice cream maker and playing with recipes since the ice cream man is a jerk who never stops on my block.. I've sworn off the fake stuff for good (and who wants to spend $3 for an ice cream cone anyway?).  I decided last night that I'm going to hit the library tonight to get a few ice cream recipe books since for the life of me I can't find mine.  I usually make eggless ice cream, but this year I'm going to venture into the unknown.

It's going to be interesting.. and Delicious too!