Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Have I ever mentioned...?

My kid likes cheese.

That is an understatement.  This kid, he LOVES cheese.  All kinds of cheese.  I don't know how this love of cheese ever started, but the peaking point was about 3 years on our way to a birthday party to Chuck E Cheese with the bestie and there was a Stop & Shop in the same shopping center and he goes "oooooh, they have a Cheese shop!?!?!!!"  The bestie burst out laughing.. "that's what you're excited about? Cheese?" His response " I like cheese"

He can sit at the dinner table with the bestie's family and eat cheese with her dad all night, I think it's hilarious. He'll try just about anything too.. so far he wasn't fond of blue cheese or the dubliner cheese (I liked that one though)  he likes the really sharp cheese, especially provolone, I prefer the milder, soft one.. preferably with some salami (mmm, salami...)Recently the Kiddo here discovered Smoked gouda at the local grocery store.  I think it's ok.  I like the inside where it's nice and creamy.. he likes the whole thing... I find the rind too smokey.  We go to stop and shop weekly and he's allowed to pick one cheese, under $10.

One of these days when I have some extra cash I'm going to take him to a real cheese shop, give him $50 and let him get whatever he wants.. my budding foodie that he is.