Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Together we can help Stamp out Hunger

Nobody should ever have to go hungry.  Lets face it, Hunger is a serious issue in this country that is often overlooked.  Jobs are getting harder and harder to come by and keep and as the cost of living keeps going up, unfortunately for most of us our paychecks aren't.  I have a tight food budget of $50/week and some weeks it's not easy with a growing teenager to always have enough.. But being the foodie that I am I manage to cook dinner from scratch every night no matter what.. it might just be pasta and veggies, but it's always something fresh and filling.

We can make a difference though and together we can help stamp out hunger.  On Saturday May 14 leave a box or bag of nonperishables for your mail carrier to pick up when they deliver the mail.  Every little bit counts.

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