Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Flip off's 5/13/11

Just a few quick flips this week.

To my psychotic turtle for biting through the GLASS aquarium thermometer, spilling little metal beads all through the bottom of the aquarium and making me a worried mess that the stupid little jackass was going to die from ingesting glass.   He’s not dead. The stupid little fucker. He’s still torturing his brother in the aquarium that’s getting smaller by the day (much like my apartment) I have to do a thorough cleaning of the aquarium and filter this weekend (fun stuff, lemme tell ya) without taking out the turtles because turtle #1 is a nasty thing and he bites.

One of these days I'll just get a dog like I really want =/

To the DMV for politely reminding me that my birthday is in 6 weeks and it’s time for an eye exam and license renewal.

To the sesamoiditis in my right foot.  Yea, fuck off, it’s been real.  Please go away now.

To the Fucktard in my office that thinks it’s OK to go through my desk after hours.. It’s NOT cool. I don’t do it to you, please stay out of my stuff.

Gas prices.  I think that deserves a collective Fuck off from all of us.  I dread going to fill up my gas tank on a weekly basis.  Just checking Gas Buddy now and the lowest price by me is Hess @$4.33/gal This is not cool.  It cost me $60 last week for Half a tank of gas.  Something’s gotta give here.

That's all.  Blogger you're pissing me off with the updates.. Where are my Posts from yesterday?

 OH OH!! Wait one more

 Fuck off Dunkin Donuts for making me physically Ill from that nasty ass sandwich I ate & blogged about yesterday.


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