Monday, April 11, 2011

My Landlord is a complete moron...

But y'all already kinda had a hunch about that.. right?

Remember Friday when I mentioned in the flips that I had complained to the landlord's kid about water on my kitchen floor and landlord proceeded to ignore my complaint?

Well.. yesterday morning when I got up to make my coffee there was so much water on my kitchen floor it went up over my toes I called the landlord again on his cell.. and he was at work. Me: Um, hi, sorry to bother you but there is a lot of water on my kitchen floor. Him: it's probably just ice in your freezer, it's not a big deal Me: I have a self defrosting freezer and this is more water than just general water from the fridge. Him: well, I'm at work now so I'll just send my kid down to see what the problem is. Me: Ok, fine.

About 5 minutes later his younger kid knocks on my door with his mother and he asks me where the water is coming from and I show him the puddle by the fridge and he goes "Oh" and proceeds to pull out the fridge.. and says "Um .. uh oh, there's a Lot of water back here" and then he calls the LL and speaks to him in Spanish so I have absofreakinglutely no idea what he's saying, just a lot of Yes sir's and water is all I understand. So he goes and gets the shop-vac and cleans up the visible water and then his mom opened up the door to the furnace room... and the floor was covered in about an inch of water, shit. That means that the water went under the wall. Lovely. So the kid gets back on the phone with the LL and he’s telling him that there’s a piece of the wall by my “linen closet” that comes apart but his kid can’t find it and calls LL again.

I was then instructed to please remove everything off my kitchen counter and when LL gets home from work he was going to poke around the walls to find out exactly where this water was coming from. Around 8:20 last night LL rings my doorbell and goes about cutting holes in the wall in my kitchen.. First behind the fridge and there’s a massive amount of water behind the wall.. So he’s vacuuming up the water for around 30 minutes, then he’s looking under the sink to see if there’s any water (nope) then asks his wife to go upstairs and turn on the water in the kitchen sink.. And he hears water pouring out inside the wall.

More cutting commences until he finds this
This is how LL left the pipe until he can fix it tonight
 and he says “oh, I know what happened” Turns out he had a slow drain in the kitchen sink so he tried to clear it with a pipe snake & when that didn’t work he thought it would be a good idea to shoot some compressed air down the drain and the pipe busted apart. Why he didn’t just go and get some draino or call a plumber I don’t know.. But he’s a real jackass.. That I do know.

So now I have a HUGE hole in the wall behind the fridge, a hole in the wall right over my kitchen counter and he’s going to cut another big hole in the wall behind my linen closet today to make sure there are no more breaks in the pipes. Yay. Not.

So now my biggest concern is that there’s going to be mold growing behind this wall because it was wet for who knows how many days and the water was seeping under the wall and into the drywall.. And... shit.

So yeah.

So now as if I haven’t been searching like a crazywoman looking for an apartment I can afford but now I really need to get out of this place just because it’s a potential health hazard for myself and The Kid.

Update: 4/12/11

My Landlord is still a complete jackass.  He never bothered to fix the broken pipe or the holes he made in my wall after he came home from work yesterday.  The only good thing about that was I was able to cook dinner and bake without being bothered.  The bad thing about that is I’m still really worried about mold growing in the walls and if there’s another pipe broken somewhere else in the wall.

This morning when I left for work my Landlord was still home (judging by the fact that his car was still in the driveway) Which most likely means he will be in my apartment today without me being there. I have issues with this, because the last time he was in my apartment without telling me he left a HUGE mess and I really don’t like people in my apartment without me being there.

Update 4/13/11

My LL wasn't in my apartment yesterday.. so when I got home, of course nothing was fixed.  LL made an appearance around 8:30 to bring down some gigantic pipe snake machine thing.. then told me he had to go back to work so he would get the problem fixed tonight when he got home from work.  This guy doesn't get home from work until around 8pm.. so it's really a pain in my ass, because by that time I'm done with dinner, showered and winding down.. I can't do that with people fussing around in my apartment.. and then tomorrow is kid's early day at school (Yay for being to school at 6:45am for mandatory review classes.... NOT!) so I would really like to relax tonight.. but I"m hoping that this crap doesn't take hours tonight... here's to hoping.