Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Are you willing to join the Revolution?

The FOOD Revolution People.  Have you been watching Jamie Oliver’s show Food Revolution?  He’s trying to help schools feed the kids healthier lunches.  He did it in Huntington Va, last year and this year he’s in California in LA County and I’m Really, unbelievably stunned at the antics of this school district.  As of last week’s show Jamie wasn’t even able to go into the lunchroom of this school and he wasn’t even able to talk to the students about what they’re eating at school.

After watching last season it’s pretty disturbing to me what is actually in some school lunches.  After watching the first episode this season, the “washing”of the “pink slime” really gave new meaning to the term  “mystery meat” =/ Gross.  Really, that totally made me sick and I can’t believe that this is legal in this country.  Our kids are our future!

Teaching kids good eating habits is something that will stay with them for life.  It’s so important to teach kids how to prepare healthy foods and it’s not always complicated.  The Kid has started to show increasing interest in helping me cook and to cook along with me.  I love every second of it though.  I learned to cook by watching my grandmas cook and helping out when I was allowed.  

My kid doesn’t eat school lunch unless he’s really really hungry and didn’t bring lunch with him.  If he forgets to bring lunch more often than not he will go until he gets home to eat.  Now, I know that’s not the best thing but that’s what he does.  The last time he ate school lunch he got sick, not sure if it was what he ate or a bug or whatever.. But he just tends to steer clear of the crap.

I cook dinner almost every single night.. It’s the very rare occasion that I pick up something for dinner or have a pizza delivered.  I like to know what’s going into the food that I eat and what the kid eats.  I make sure we’ve got 2 veggies with dinner every night and Milk is more often than not the drink of choice for both of us at dinnertime.  Soda is NEVER in my house and we don’t even drink juice as often as we used to.  I buy a lot of flavored water, and we go through Gallons of milk a week in my house.

When The Kid was little I taught him to eat his veggies and he’s never been a picky eater.  He’s a lover of Veggie Sushi and sushi without the raw fish, I won’t touch the stuff.  I often, by force of habit ask The Kid what he wants for dinner.. More often that not he will respond with “whatever you want to make or it doesn’t matter.” He explained it to be bluntly this morning when I asked him what he wanted for Breakfast “Mom, it doesn’t matter, just as long as I have food in my belly I’m happy, I’m not picky”

Alrighty then.

He will undoubtedly drive a woman insane in the future with his indecisiveness.. Or, well.. Maybe not, lol.

Point is here that it’s really important to pay attention to what our kids are eating.  I’m one of the lucky ones wherein my kid isn’t a big candy eater, he’s never been a fast food junkie and snacks that you eat in my house are never out of a box or bag.

Join the Revolution, Sign the Petition and make sure that our kids are eating healthy meals in school.  These kids are our future, if we don’t make sure they’re going to grow up healthy.. Then who will?