Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Flip Off's 11/5/10

Happy Friday!!! Jeebus Friday took forever to get here.. between 2 days of morning detention and then The Kid's realization that he actually LIKES to get to school that early but then he was sick and then... well, then it was back to being there semi-on timeish, but not late. It's a start in the right direction at least.

Ok, well.. lets get this show on the road and start flipping off.. which, actually I have two giant flips and a mini flip this week.. so here goes..

Fuck You to my stupid asshole landlord  Big Empire State building sized flippin' fingers to my jerk asshole fucktard inconsiderate piece of crap landlord.. for leaving me this on Monday night. (Cell camera pic, didn't trust myself with the good camera for this one)

 That is only part of the mess too, the wall next to it from floor to ceiling and the whole 2 feet width of it my Entire kitchen floor (off white ceramic tiles) and the other side of that door and the wall too.  I had a piece of carpeting at the other side of that door that was so full of soot I had to toss it, as well as the mat I had on the floor in the kitchen by the sink.

This guy finally decided to turn the heat on Monday, ya know since it was like 30° on Sunday night it was the least he could so I don't get sick and die and not be able to pay my rent. asshole 

He didn't call, or knock on the door on Sunday or anything to just let me know that he was going into my apartment (which by law he's supposed to give me 24 hours notice) nothing.. the only way I knew he was down here (aside from the fucking mess he left me) was that the heat was on.  Had there not been soot marks, a shitty attempt at trying to clean the godforsaken mess up and boot tracks all over my off white kitchen floor I'd have never known he was even in here..but no. and the fucker never called me to apologize for the mess or anything, not one word.

When the kid got home on Monday he called me and said yes, the heat was on and OMG Mom, you're not going to believe the mess.  I didn't think it was going to be a tenth as bad as it really was..

When I got home Kid says to me "mom, don't be mad" and I was like, ok.. whatever it can't be that bad.. and holyshit I almost passed out!  after working 10 hours on Monday that was what I had to clean up.. for almost an hour.... scrubbing with Mrs.Meyers Clean day* diluted wasn't going to do it so I poured it full strength on a rag and to my surprise it worked.. you have no idea how happy I was that it did, because my next guess was gonna be to use bleach..  I scrubbed and rinsed and scrubbed some more and then attacked the floor.

The only thing I was happy about when I was done aside from the floor and the wall being clean (the door is now a very pale shade of gray) is that Mrs. Meyers Clean day smells freaking amazing.  So it didnt' smell like I was cleaning.. it just smelled... clean.

I need out of this apartment.. I need a second job to afford another apartment too.. why the hell is NY so damn expensive?

  Please send me some good luck wishes so I can get the hell outta this place by at least March, otherwise I may have a breakdown. I've had enough with these people and their blatant disrespect.

Flip off Daylight savings... I know I've been doing this every week but really.. is the time change even necessary anymore? It's just an inconvenience and that "extra hour" of sleep on Sunday is Bullshit.  I get up the same damn time anyway so what does it matter?

To my boss.. Flip off.  I've been coming in at 8 since school started and you compensate me with $50 for the Overtime? Really?  I feel so unappreciated in my office y'all have no idea.  I'm the receptionist, legal assistant, in house IT person and billing department. I'm the one who orders the office supplies, I'm the the only one who knows how to add postage to the postage meter (despite the detailed instructions on the wall), and the one who knows what file belongs to which attorney along with a gazillion other duties yet I get crapped on when it comes down to pay.  I am the lowest paid employee here, next to the file clerk who, at times makes more than I do.

 I've been here going on 6 years and I'm still making less than what most people start at nowadays. My boss knows my situation, he knows I don't get diddlysquat from the kid's "sperm donor" so rent, bills, clothes, stuff for school and anything my kid needs or I need has to be provided by me and only me, he knows I've been looking for an apartment for almost 2 years and can't find a place I can afford on my salary yet when I asked for a raise (the first in 3 years) I got a measly $25 extra a week, that's not even enough to fill my gas tank.

I've started to look for another job... and I think if I get one and I was offered fair compensation to stay.. I would stay because I genuinely do like it here, I just can't go on living paycheck to paycheck like this.

I did not receive any kind of compensation for mentioning Mrs. Meyers or directing y'all to their site.  I had purchased the cleaner one day on a whim when I ran out of Method cleaner and I really liked the fresh scent. It cleans amazingly well and leaves no chemical odor at all.  I can't use Chemically smelling cleaners because The Kid gets really sick.  After using aerosol carpet cleaner just once, I wound up rushing him to the Dr because he couldn't breathe and she thought he had asthma, after a shot of steroids, an inhaler and albuterol for a week, it was some scary shit that I never want to go through again.  Poor kid barely was able to make it from the car to the Dr's office without having to stop to catch his breath.  Since then I've been very careful with what I use to clean my house and I never, ever use aerosol anything.

Now.. get together with all the other moms & dads.  Flip someone off today and don't forget to Link up, it's not that hard and this way Everyone shares in the flippin'


Kim said...

where to start? Can you egg your landlord w/o him knowing? Or share some of that soot with him? That's just all kinds of wrong. And this morning detention crap?? woa. So hoping you get better pay and MUCH better appreciation at work, or mayber just MUCH better pay! Or a way better job.

MommaKiss said...

I get so mad about your landlord every single time you talk about him. It's just bullshit. To like the 10th power.

Your kid sounds like a good kid. Even though he had that detention. He's a good kid.

Ashley said...

Kim, he'll get his when I move out, Revenge is sweet and karma is a total Bitch.

MommaKiss, My dad always taught me not to hate.. but there aren't words to describe how much I seriously hate this guy to the bones.

My kid, he's pretty damn awesome. He's sometimes lazy in the getting homework department, but he does good in school so I can't complain too much :)

LindsayDianne said...

Why are landlords such shitheads?
Ours is not on my favourite people list, but he showed up a few weeks ago out of the blue (on Thanksgiving, which we've already done here) and wants to yap about how the house next door got torn down and they took out our bush by mistake.
then he passes it off like it was about the fact that we're lacking in privacy now.
Which is stupid, because if he gave a shit about our privacy he wouldn't show up unannounced, right?
You're a better woman than I am. I would have LOST my shit if that were my house.