Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Flip Off's 4/8/11

Well, this week's been interesting  to say the least

But lets not waste any time and get the flipping commence

My Jackass landlord and his assface kid, Flip off.  Wednesday night I came home to a HUGE puddle of water on my kitchen floor coming from under my fridge.. so I ran upstairs and rang the bell, and the older kid answers the door (mind you, these aren't really kids... I think the older one is going to be 21 in June and the younger one graduated high school last summer) I asked if LL was home and he said no, not yet and so I told him well can you tell him that there's a huge puddle of water on my kitchen floor and I have no idea where the water is coming from.  He said yea, sure I'll call him right now. I grabbed my 5 gallon bucket and 2 ShamWows (don't knock it, those things are AWESOME!!)  2 buckets of water later my back & knees were killing me and I gave up trying to soak up all the water and just threw an old towel on the floor to soak up the rest and went about making dinner and doing the other crap that needed to be done.  As of right now I still haven't heard from my LL and he wasn't in my apt yesterday either because the towel I left on the floor to prevent the water from spreading was still there when I got home last night.. soaked completely through and replaced with another towel.

Lets flip off Homeowners who ask too much for rent and real estate agents who are leeches because I'm Still looking for an apartment.


I've had it with homeowners that won't give me a chance because I have a kid.  Without even meeting him, once I mention I have a teenager it's oh, sorry, no kids, the apartment is for one person only or want to charge me $100 MORE because of him.  And don't even get me started with what people are asking for rents in my area either.  It's OUTRAGEOUS!! No wonder I see the same apartments listed for weeks, even months on end. The last place I went to see was nice, but the lady wanted too much and the neighborhood was less than wonderful.  I'm not shocked that it's still listed.

My main goal right now is to get out of this place I'm in by the time school's out in June. .. I just can't go another summer with no A/C or deal with the parties they have all summer long either.


Work deserves a flip too.. mostly I don't hate my job, but now that the Nazi is here 3-4 days a week and feels the need to go through my desk and see what I'm doing on my computer every time I go to the ladies room or leave for lunch I'm hating it.  I started logging myself off when I leave and closing all my windows when I get up from my desk. I hate nosy people.

The USPS and Customs can Flip the Hell off too...

Back in December I sent the Bestie & her son Christmas gifts, I sent it EXPRESS MAIL so it would be there in time for Christmas & it should have made it to Portugal within 7 days, 10 days Max and then her hubs family would send it over to Mozambique with someone so it didn't go missing.  But no, this package was lost in the mail system somewhere along the way and despite my many, many calls to the USPS to find out WTF was going on I never got a straight answer.

Finally the package made it to Portugal on 12/29 and was sent to customs and so we waited... and waited.... and waited. I got a call from USPS on February 4th who said that the package was missing a page of documentation and if I had it to please fax it to them, which I did and thought Ok, good.  Problem solved, right?


I spoke to the bestie & we both kept tabs on this box when finally she got pissed and contacted customs in Portugal who told her that the package was preparing to be shipped out to her.  Ok.  Fine.

Well,  Customs in Portugal is seriously Farked because.. they sent out a card saying the package was ready for pickup and THE NEXT DAY they sent the box back to the US. .. OVER 3 months later!!!  I got the package back on Saturday.  Now I'm getting the runaround because I want my $$ refunded.

I will Never, Ever mail anything International Ever, ever again.  I feel bad that peanut never got his Christmas present from us but they'll just have to wait until they come home to visit in June to get it.


MommaKiss said...

I've been following the shipping saga - which is insane, by the way.

Chunky Mama said...

Around Christmas time, it took the USPS 5 weeks to deliver a card from northern California to Los Angeles.