Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oscar Meyer Deli Creations Sandwiches

Being a member of the Kraft First Taste community I got a chance to try out the new Oscar Meyer Deli Creations Sandwiches. I got my coupons in the mail and yesterday when I made my supermarket run Stop & Shop had them on sale for 2 for $5 and since I had a coupon for 1 free one and $1.50 off 1, I got both sandwiches for $1 (Sweet! that's my kind of shopping!)

I picked the Monterey Turkey and The Steakhouse Cheddar. I tossed the Turkey one into my bag today for lunch and I just assembled it and popped it into the microwave and WOW!! There is a generous portion of meat along with a good sized roll, they give you 2 sauces, a southwestern ranch and a packet of Garden salsa and, the only thing I was disappointed in was the 1 slice of Monterey Jack cheese, it was a large-ish slice, but still.. Just one slice of cheese, I would have liked 2. But considering a sandwich of this caliber would have set me back $6.99 at the deli next to my office I’m not complaining because it’s absolutely Delicious! If they packaged this with a drink and a snack Lunchable style it would be awesome! It’s still awesome as just the sandwich though and there are 10 different varieties to choose from:

Five Hot Flatbreads:
Fajita beef & salsa
Buffalo-style ranch chicken
sun-dried tomato chicken
chicken & bacon ranch
Steakhouse beef with garlic Parmesan sauce

Five subs:

Oven roasted ham & cheddar
Turkey & cheddar Dijon
Honey ham & Swiss
Turkey Monterey
Steakhouse Cheddar

I’ve got the Steakhouse cheddar to try out tomorrow.. I really can’t wait because 1. the first one was so good and 2. I really need to stop buying lunch and wasting so much money. I encourage you to give this a try if you're busy at work like me and don't want to keep wasting money on take out like I do, or if you just need something to grab and go.. it's just so worth it!