Monday, May 11, 2009

ISO a recipe for Kulfi

Some parents would be surprised if their kids said they like Lima beans, not me.. Kids ask for all kinds of foods, chips, ice cream, soda.. not my kid, not my salad eating, veggie loving will try anything once kid. When he was 6 his favorite food was salmon, now he goes to my best friends house hoping for more baked cod and potatoes with cheese.

Out of nowhere the other day he said to me "hey mom, remember when we lived in the city and we used to get that ice cream from the guy on the street? Can we get that around here?

I instantly knew he was talking about Kulfi, which is readily available on almost every street corner in NYC Kulfi is flavored with cardamom and pistachios and is creamy and sweet, more dense than ice cream, but OMG it's so good! I made it once and it was great.. I got the recipe from my Indian neighbor when I lived in the city, but the recipe was probably lost in the move since I can't find it in any of my recipe books.

So.. since I love to do it myself insead of searching for an Indian market around here and paying God knows how much for one Kulfi, I am searching for a recipe so I can make a big batch myself to be readily available in the freezer whenever we want some :o)