Sunday, May 10, 2009

Greek food for Mothers Day

MMmmmmm.. I love Greek food..

We ordered in for dinner tonight and I learned a valuable lesson. Ordering from point click
is convenient, but ordering with a credit card can be touchy.. so have cash on hand, just in case. We ordered from a local place, Greek Corner and the food was Fantastic!
The Falafel was good, it was a little dry, but it was very flavorful, it was served with a side of tahini, I think it would have been better with tatziki though.

The salad was amazing!

The Kid got a chicken Gyro, but gobbled it up before I got a picture, lol.

I got a Gyro (mmm, Lamb!)

The gyros were HUGE! I've got half of mine left for tomorrow's lunch Photobucket


Michele said...

I could dig right into that salad!! I love Greek food. I had roasted chicken for you know I'm jealous, right?! :)