Monday, May 18, 2009

Non food blog post: Product review: new Dove® Visibly Smooth anti-perspirant/deodorant

I got a full size tube of this (awesome smelling) deodorant in the mail and I was excited to give it a try since it stated it makes underarm hair look and feel less noticeable over time.

I started using it about 3 weeks ago.. And y’all know what.. This stuff really works! The product page states that within weeks you’ll notice your underarm hair soft, fine and easy to remove. I noticed this difference within the first week, and coming from someone with very dark, coarse hair this is a Huge deal. And it further says that over time you’ll stay stubble free for longer.. Awesome! Now, if only there would be a lotion with the same pitch that actually worked on the legs.. Because all the ones that I’ve tried were duds (so if any of you have recommendations, I’m game, lol)

Not only does this stuff work wonders, but the wild rose scent smells absolutely amazing!

I love trying new products.. And when they work as stated, well.. It really makes me happy.