Wednesday, December 3, 2008

YES!! It has arrived!

The Lemmings are here, the Lemmings are here... No, really.. My Lemming Central box arrived today and OMG.. Seriously people.. If you’re missing out on this, you have no idea what you’re missing out on.. Because for $20 you get SO MUCH STUFF.. Really.. I will try to get this ancient camera of mine up and running or y’all are going to have to suffer through cell phone pictures, lol..
Now, in all fairness every package (or stocking in the case this month, they usually come packaged in cellophane bags) is different, with samples from so many different companies you can’t put the same stuff in every one.. But for Christmas I ordered 2, one (of course) for myself and one to share amongst my friends to put in with their Christmas presents or stocking stuffers.. However I deem fit :)

Everything smells so amazing I can’t wait to start tearing into this stuff! I already have a Tart in my tart warmer and wow!