Saturday, December 20, 2008

Well, the good news is that the tree is up...

The bad news.. (okay, not really bad, but still..) I haven't had time to make any cookies yet.

Getting the tree was a total fiasco.. The Kid and I took a walk to Home Depot.. only to find they didn't have one tree left, not even a Charlie Brown tree.. and the only other place around here was half a mile away, so I figured if need be we'd get the tree and take a taxi home... I stopped and grabbed some cash and off we went to go and get a tree...

$40 for a Christmas tree!?! I wanted to pass out... but in the Spirit of Christmas and not to let my child down I plunked down all the cash I had on me and we carried this monstrosity of a tree home.. (the guy could have tied it up a little better) with myself on one side and The Kid (who is, respectively at least 3 inches taller than me now) we've each got our share of bruises on our legs from the tree carrying journey. We got home just as it started to snow (again) secured the tree onto the stand and strung on the lights and added the ornaments and now there is this beautiful tree standing in between the kitchen and living room.

Now, it's officially Christmas..

Tomorrow, Cookies.