Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yee Haw.. Cowgirl Chocolates.. Mmmmmm!!!

I love surprises, really.

Packages have been coming to my door on an almost daily basis.. I hate shopping (really) I don't want to stand on line, I don't want to deal with crowds or nasty sales people.. or worse, trek all the way to the store only to find they don't have what I'm looking for.. so to avoid all that nonsense I do most of my shopping online.. and thanks to Wonderful sites like Smoking Hot Deals and My Bargain Buddy where I find the hot deals and coupon codes that I need to bag just what I'm looking for at the prices that I'm looking for too.

After one minor box opening incident by The Kid early on in the season he has managed to keep his grubby paws off unless he has the go ahead, so when an unexpected box came in the mail yesterday I asked him to open it.. I had no idea what in the world could be inside.. there was only one package that was planned, so while we were on our after school phone call I asked him to open the box, and with all the ooh's and ahh's I was wishing I was there... so when I finally asked him.. Well, what's in the box? He said to me.. a little red box from Cowgirl Chocolates.. so I thought back to myself... did I ever order a freebie from them? No.. Hmm.. I had no clue.. so my only instructions to the kid were to NOT open the box of chocolates and please put them in the Fridge... and then I had to find out what this Cowgirl chocolate was all about.. so to Google I went... and there was One lone blogger that had already blogged about these mysterious chocolates that had found there way to my door.

Well, once I got home I was prepared to start sampling the chocolates in the box.. not your average chocolates either, these are chocolates with a kick.. each one is wrapped in a different colored foil wrapper and it comes with a little guide as to what's what.. Being the sharing, caring mommy that I am, The Kid and I have split each one that has been tried.. and every one has been absolutely outstanding. I have been eyeballing that Habanero Caramel, but something inside me is telling me not to go there.. at least.. not yet. We have tried the Raspberry Dark Chocolate, which was so amazing and even though in the Spicy category, it had a nick kick but was very pleasant. Double Dark chocolate, which was absolutely delicious, creamy and smooth and just tonight we sampled the Raspberry Lemon, which popped when I bit into it and had a lovely, creamy almost liquid center and a very true to life raspberry lemon flavor.

I'm taking it one day at a time with these chocolates, slowly savor my tiny package of unexpected chocolates.. and I will let y'all know what I think of the rest as they are tried..

Ciao :)


PS.. we've tried them all.. and they're all unbelievably amazing!


Anonymous said...

okay girlie, off to google i go to find out exactly where DID these chocolates come from!! :) and lol