Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Starbucks Perfect Oatmeal...

Yea, for the record it's not perfect.. it's essentially plain oatmeal in a cardboard container that can be jazzed up with some dried fruit, brown sugar or nuts.. I got the dried fruit thinking it was a good choice (healthy, right?) well.. I took one bite and Seriously People.. what makes them think that this is perfect ? It's perfectly good to maybe sling at someone you don't like, or perfect to use as glue of some sort.. not so perfect to eat, let alone spend $2.95 on. I thought it was going to be some special kind of oatmeal and when I saw the girl open up the little paper packet (like Quaker instant oatmeal) I was a little pissed.. I can buy a whole friggin' box of oatmeal for $2.95! Oooh, wow.. it's Starbucks perfect oatmeal.. no.. it's crap. Don't waste your money on this crap, just do what I usually do if you like oatmeal, buy a box at the supermarket, get your favorite kind and then use a coffee cup and hot water from the office and viola, you've got your perfect oatmeal.
As for the Pumpkin spice latte that I got.. it's good.. but that goes without saying.. those are always good. I think Starbucks needs to jump off this healthy breakfast bandwagon or try to make it more appetizing, because it's not making the mark right now. Starbucks makes great coffee (yea, it's overpriced, but Dunkin Donuts coffee is very to me) and their lunch options are not too bad either, I haven't had a sandwich there that I didn't like and their passion iced tea, yea, I'm totally addicted to that stuff! If you're going to try and go the healthy route, at least make it something that people are going to want to eat and enjoy.. the oatmeal's just not cutting it.

.. And that's my foodie rant for now.



Unknown said...

this made me laugh... i wouldn't have spent the 2.95.. I'm too cheap :)

r said...

seriously, i just tried it today because i was running late to work and the pictures look good. moral of story: do not judge food by pictures in advertisements.