Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Local restaurant with New, Gluten Free dishes!

I am a big fan of Flour Arrangements, I love her stories and her recipes are always exciting and reading about her new gluten free diet has me thinking that my cousin is also suffering from this same allergy.. so I will be using some of her recipes for my cousin to try. Today I got an email from a restaurant that isn't so much local to me, but sort of in the area by work, and it really intrigued me.
(ROFL, I love their name..)

Dear Café Formaggio patrons,

Thank you for your emails regarding Gluten Free items at Café Formaggio. As many of you may have noticed, Café Formmaggio’s gluten free items have recently been featured in the September 9th issue of Newsday. Just to clarify any confusion, here is some information on our featured GF items.Although Café Formaggio does not have a separate GF menu, we have a large number of GF items featured in our regular our menu.

*We offer GF penne, which can be cooked in almost any of the sauces offered on our regular menu including marinara, ala vodka, garlic and oil, pesto, ECT. All gluten free pasta is boiled in separate, sterile pots, in a section of out kitchen where only GF entrees are prepared.

*GF personal, 14 inch margarita pizzas served plain or with your choice of GF toppings. GF pizzas are cooked in a separate pizza oven exclusively for GF pizza.

*We offer a large variety of GF salads, as well as GF grilled entrees.

* For dessert we offer delicious GF brownies and Gluten Free Nutella Pizza.

* Wash your GF meal down with Red Bridge GF beer

*Our wait staff is well informed about all of our Gluten Free menu items, so be sure to ask for their guidance when ordering your next GF meal.

For those of you that did not see our article in Newsday, please click on this link to view it: http://www.exploreli.com/entertainment/localguide/dining/ny-xli-dining-vegetarian0908,0,1512198.story

For more information, please feel free to contact Café Formaggio at 516-333-1718

We look forward to seeing you soon!
While many restaurants realize that many people suffer from many allergies, not many do much to serve those customers or make it a 'pleasant dining experience' I suffer from a seafood allergy (brought on by the birth of my darling son.) I once loved shrimp and lobster but now I can't even touch the stuff.. so I have to be very careful (especially at Chinese restaurants) I once had an incident where the stuffed mushrooms were not just stuffed with breadcrumbs as they were labeled, but also shrimp and had a not too fun 'benadryl moment' and I try to void that as much as possible, your throat swelling up is never a fun thing to experience. But this made me happy, at least some places are trying and letting us all know in one big mass email.


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