Friday, September 12, 2008

I NEED cream puffs!

There hasn’t been much baking going on in my kitchen since the accidental vegan cupcake disaster.. (they were dry and tasted like corn muffins..) They eventually wound up in the trash.. I wasn’t eating them and P didn’t really like them too much either.. But I’ve got a major sweet tooth today, all day I’ve had to control myself from going down to the little stationary store in the lobby of my office building to get a piece of candy.. Cream puff’s that’s what I really want! I feel a lot like Truffles from the cartoon Chowder.. When Mung Daal exclaims “Truffles is going to DIE if she doesn’t get cream puffs!” Cream puffs.. See:

Good thing I’ve got the daring bakers challenge behind me (since the last time I made cream puffs and eclairs was a while ago before that) I will post more later.. but since I am at work now.. I gotta say Ciao.