Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaaack

Ok, ok... I know, I've been Very MIA lately.. but I'm back and pretty soon, there will be A LOT of pictures up on the blog. Getting back to the swing of things after 2 weeks of no school and working 2 days a week were hard.. and damn am I exhausted! I'm still cooking every night, but there's been a lot of Chicken this week, so nothing too exciting to blog about.

Good news though.. there will be a lot to blog about soon, because while shopping at Target last Saturday I found it.. The Camera of my dreams. BUT being the frugal, always looking for the best bargain shopper that I am, I didn't buy it at Target for $279.99 (because after all, I am a single mom on a budget here) The good news.. I have found it for less.. quite a bit less I may say, so probably in the next week or so y'all will have some yummy pictures to go with all the good stuff I like to post :) Another good thing is I finally stepped up and bought myself a good candy thermometer, so I can finally make some marshmallows that I've been swooning over... I can never find a decent Chocolate marshmallow anywhere, and chocolate covered doesn't do it for me.. so, I've found the recipe and chances are I will make them this weekend.

So, don't worry, I haven't dumped my blog.. I've just been trying to re-adjust to my real life after the holidays.